Best SEO Company List

Top SEO Companies – August 2015

Here is an independently derived list of the 10 Top SEO companies*…

How do you judge which is the best SEO company? By their very own SEO results of course!

Each month we complete an independent and impartial analysis of the Search Engine rankings for over 100 SEO Companies across Australia for a cluster of 50 of the core keyword phrases used to find the best Search Engine Optimisation companies (see methodology below)…and here are the most recent results…


We start with the Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool and pick the top keyword phrases searched for over the preceding 90 days related to either “SEO” or “Search Engine Optimisation”.

We then add in some key geographic locations around Australia (generally used by searchers to refine their searches across most market segments) related to the terms “SEO” and “Search Engine Optimisation”…

adelaide search engine optimisation
adelaide seo
australia search engine optimisation
australia seo
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brisbane search engine optimisation
brisbane seo
expert seo
google seo
melbourne search engine optimisation
melbourne seo
organic seo
perth search engine optimisation
perth seo
search engine optimisation
search engine optimisation adelaide
search engine optimisation australia
search engine optimisation brisbane
search engine optimisation company
search engine optimisation melbourne
search engine optimisation perth
search engine optimisation services
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search engine optimisation sydney
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search engine seo
seo adelaide
seo australia
seo brisbane
seo companies
seo company
seo consultant
seo consultants
seo expert
seo firm
seo marketing
seo melbourne
seo optimisation
seo packages
seo perth
seo professional
seo search engine optimization
seo service
seo services
seo sydney
search engine optimisation
sydney seo
web seo
website seo

…also in reverse order giving a total of 50 keyword phrases normally targeted by an SEO company.

The next stage involves selecting every website that turns up in the first three pages of Google for these keyword phrases (there are over 100 SEO-related websites that had at least one mention in the Search Engine Results). Then using independent SEO software – Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) by Caphyon – we record how many pages each SEO agency had appearing in:

  • first place
  • the top three listings
  • the top five listings
  • on page one
  • within the first two pages
  • within the first three pages

AWR then calculates an SEO Visibility Percentage by first assigning a number of points to each of the first 30 positions, as follows:

  • Position 1 = 30 points
  • Position 2 = 29 points
  • Position 30 = 1 point
  • Positions below 30 have 0 points.

The Visibility Percentage is then determined by the sum of Visibility Scores from divided by the maximum number of points possible.

We hope you found these results as interesting as we did…clearly seoWorks achieves some of the best SEO results across the board, in possibly the most competitive segment online…and we want you to get these results as well… contact us today for an initial chat.

* This data was last updated on 1 August 2015. Search engine results can and do vary over time.

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