SEO Audits

Think of an SEO Audit as a Search Engine health check for your website…

Unfortunately, not all websites are created to be Search Engine-friendly. An SEO Audit identifies the opportunities and issues that may lay within your website’s overall Search Engine profile and examines technical fundamentals, on-page elements and off-page essentials so as to determine the likely success of any planned SEO activities.

Here at SEO Works we offer several options for you to consider:

  • SEO Basics Audit – a 50 point checklist of your current website, rankings and competition
  • SEO Strategic Audit – includes a complete step by step review plus recommendations to resolve issues and maximise opportunities that may be discovered
  • SEO Forensic Audit – usually requested in emergency situations when there has been a major fall in traffic and search engine rankings impacting on ecommerce revenues or lead generation

An SEO Audit sets a benchmark and starting point from which to plan your SEO strategies. Unlike many “free SEO Audit” offers, these are not off-the-shelf, machine-generated reports. Each is undertaken by one of our highly experienced SEO Works Business Analysts and is tailored to the unique circumstances surrounding your particular web site.

SEO Basics Audit

Developed to suit ecommerce or more complex web sites and usually completed prior to any Custom SEO Program or SEO Package, an SEO Fundamentals Audit follows a fifty point checklist aimed at identifying SEO opportunities and issues that may impact on the success of any SEO activity.

Included in the checklist are items such as:

  • Hosting/IP address check – does your site share it’s hosting with any non-complementary sites
  • Number of pages indexed – versus number of page actually published
  • CMS (Content Management System) review – can the CMS produce search engine-friendly code, internal linking, unique title and meta tags etc
  • Title tag and meta tag structural review
  • Analytics setup including Google Analytics script check
  • Search Engine verification and Webmaster Tools review
  • Robots.txt check, on-page sitemap and XML sitemap check
  • Statistical and competitor benchmarking
  • Preliminary keyword ranking report for top 25 keyword phrases
  • Linking and anchor text profile review
  • And 40 more items…

An SEO Basics Audit usually takes about sixteen consulting hours to complete over five business days and is priced at $2960. You will receive a detailed report including our recommendations plus your SEO Works Business Analyst will walk you through the entire report via conference call so as to ensure that you are fully briefed on your website’s complete SEO potential.

SEO Strategic Audit

An SEO Strategic Audit gets into the nitty gritty details of your website infrastructure.

In addition to the checklist review undertaken in an SEO Fundamentals Audit, an SEO Strategic Audit examines how your website generates its content, database issues, site speed/page load issues, a more detailed review of internal and external linking, a strategic review of competing websites and their advantages and disadvantages and more. We also include a generous allowance of time for your SEO Works Business Analyst to explore specific and vital issues or opportunities unique to your website that result from the discovery process.

The resulting SEO Strategic Audit Report not only identifies the issues and opportunities discovered but also includes recommendations as to how to resolve any problems plus offers advice on new initiatives that will improve your site’s overall Search Engine visibility, rankings and traffic.

An SEO Strategic Audit usually takes about forty consulting hours to complete over a four week period and is priced at $7390. You will receive a detailed report including our recommendations plus your SEO Works Business Analyst will also walk you through the entire report via conference call and on-screen demonstration so as to ensure that you are fully briefed on your website’s complete SEO potential.

SEO Forensic Audit

Usually executed as the result of a “000” or “911” emergency call to SEO Works, an SEO Forensic Audit addresses situations where there has been a significant and immediate drop in traffic and rankings. Sometimes a well-meaning SEO resource may have pushed the boundaries too far with Google…at other times the cause of the issue may be more sinister.

In response to these calls, we immediately assemble a response team to review on-site, off-site and potential third party issues. The SEO Business Analysts allocated to this task approach an SEO Forensic Audit with urgency and immediacy across multiple layers at the same time. Their job is to identify the cause of the issue, determine tactical responses on a range of fronts and to use their SEO experience, expertise, connections and industry network in order to promptly resolve the problem.

An SEO Forensic Audit looks not only at technical issues but also looks at “human” issues from simple errors in coding through to the more serious issues such as site hacking and denial of service attacks.

Time is always of the essence so, although we concurrently run through all our checklists, an SEO Forensic Audit requires interrogation and investigation of all available data, web activities and competitor activity, looking for signs and indicators that will point the way to a solution.

As you can imagine, when a 50,000 page website with $1 million revenue per month “disappears” there can be a myriad of potential causes so determining a cost for an SEO Forensic Audit is difficult. Our minimum fee for an SEO Forensic Audit is $11,900 and a cost estimate is provided at the commencement. You will receive daily SEO Forensic Audit Progress Reports and continuous briefings from your SEO Works Business Analyst throughout the assignment.

Actionable Outcomes

Having completed your SEO Audit at whatever level, you are then free to implement the outcomes either in-house or with your web developer…you have an SEO road map to guide you on your way to the top of the Search Engine rankings. Naturally, we would be happy to assist you in monitoring the implementation of our recommendations, usually on a simple hourly-rate basis.

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